Enhance Your Creativity and Confidence – Play Drums

Many people want to play drums but lack confidence or don’t feel creative, so I help students through weekly lessons to

Learn, Practice and Play drums, which enhances confidence and creativity




The Truth … playing the drums requires coordination of all 4 limbs.  It will be challenging and frustrating at times and you may feel like quitting or exclaim, “I can’t do it” … and that is a normal part of the process.  I prefer the phrase, “I can’t do it, YET”. If you practice and work with me as your drum educator, you will be able to play drums and be more creative and confident. Anyone can play, but few try and its worth the effort and pays off with a strong sense of accomplishment, and its fun!  For more information on the benefits of music for kids, teens and adults, click on the article below from the NAMM Foundation…

Article: Why Learn to Play Music?




Micheal is a very positive and encouraging teacher who is able to make confident self-motivated drum players out his students. I highly recommend him as a drum teacher. This has turned out to be an amazing experience and am so glad that I have the opportunity to have someone that has a contagious passion and love of music teaching me.  (Adult Student – 01/19/2016)


The first time I saw Micheal perform got me to want to play more like him.  He is a well organized and structured teacher by giving me a practice planner to track my progress, rudiment exercises for the practice time, and drum beats sheets to have to refer back to. He really gets me motivated with drills/games of guessing the beat or playing along with songs I know or I want to learn. I recommend his services to anyone that wants to learn drums or improve their skills.  (Youth Student – Age 12 – 01/20/2016)


I am very fortunate to have found MichEal and his OCDrummer studio. He is a great talented teacher and just after a few months, I have learned so much from him and find drumming to be even more enjoyable. His dedication to his students is unsurpassed and he is regularly sending helpful tools and developing practice plans which will help improve any beginner/intermediate drummer. The OCDrummer rocks!  (Adult Student – 04/19/2016)


My teenage son has been going to see Micheal since last summer. He is a very talented and inspiring teacher. Pays great attention to detail and provides a very conducive environment to learn. He is invested in furthering his student’s abilities and providing plenty of input to both my son and I. He is flexible and accomodating to our crazy schedule. I would highly recommend taking every available advantage to allow him to teach you : )  (Student Parent – 11/05/2016) 



Hear and see a beginning lesson:


Lesson Details:

    • Lessons are taught in private home studio with two real acoustic drum sets (Orange County, Ca)
    • Each lesson is 30 minutes once a week
    • Hours: 3:00 to 8:00pm – Monday through Friday
    • $110 monthly rate (4 lessons a month)
    • OCDrummer donates 10% of monthly rate toward efforts to help those in need locally and globally

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