In my on-going efforts to help out the drum community, I am happy to offer information and resources to assist in researching and buying the best drum gear for your needs. This information is especially for my drum students searching for their first set of drums, cymbals or other needed accessories as they begin their drumming journey. But I have many options available from beginning to professional drum gear, so don’t hesitate to ask questions and I will gladly help anyone find the best gear and prices either from me direct or online. I have access to the items listed below and more, so please ask.


Drum sets come in various sizes and configurations and number of drums, and some come with hardware and cymbals. Drum sets vary in type of wood and the metal hardware used on the drum shells. But the main sound of a drum comes from the drumhead which can be changed out to produce a desired sound. Many drum sets come with lower quality heads and can be made to sound better with quality drumheads, such as Aquarian Drumheads. I have had many cheaper drum sets that sound really good when high quality heads are installed and tuned properly. Aquarian also offers one of the best options for reducing sound of acoustic drums with their SuperPad accessory for low volume playing when needed.

Here are some drum set options to consider and links to the company websites: Natal Drums Gretsch Drums

check out these videos to hear and see these Drum set options:
Natal DNA Starter Drum Set – Info Video


Natal Arcadia Drum Set


Gretsch Energy Series Drum Set


Gretsch Catalina Club Series Drum Set


Gretsch Catalina Maple Series Drum Set



Cymbals come in various shapes and sizes. Higher quality cymbals are made from what is called B20 bronze and is considered professional level (Sabian, Dream, UFiP). Lower quality cymbals are often made from B8 bronze (Sabian B8X series) or Sheet Brass (Sabian SBR Series) but still have overall decent sound which ultimately is in the ear of the beholder. Low Volume cymbal options are quite popular and available as well (Sabian Quiet Tone).

Here are some cymbal options to consider and links to the company websites: Sabian Cymbals UFiP Cymbals  Dream Cymbals

Check out these videos to hear various cymbal options:

Sabian SBR Brass Cymbals Demo

Sabian B8X Series (B8 Bronze)

Sabian XSr Series (b20 Bronze)

DREAM CYMBALS – Comparison of the different Cymbal series (b20 bronze)

UFiP Tiger Series (b8 Bronze)

Sabian Quiet Tone Cymbals


Aquarian super pad low volume playing surface


Drum Sets, Cymbal packs and accessories available direct from OCDrummer
See below for more info, web links or contact me here for more options and Pricing
Natal DNA Drum Set Hardware and Cymbals (Multiple Colors)


Natal Arcadia Series Drum Set (Multiple Colors)



Gretsch Energy Drum Set Hardware and Cymbals


Gretsch Catalina Club Drum Set (Multiple Colors and Sizes)


Gretsch Catalina Maple Drum Set (Multiple Colors and Sizes)



Sabian SBR Brass Cymbals – Starter Pack
Sabian Cymbals B8X Series – Starter Pack
Sabian Cymbals XSR Series – Starter Pack


Sabian Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals


Dream Cymbals Ignition Series – Starter Pack

UFiP Tiger Series Cymbal Pack (B8 Bronze)


Vater 5A Los Angeles Wood Sticks

Ahead Drumsticks


DirectSound Isolation Headphones



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