In my on-going efforts to help out the drum community, I am happy to offer information and resources to assist in researching and buying the best drum gear for your needs. This information is especially for my drum students searching for their first set of drums, cymbals or other needed accessories as they begin their drumming journey. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and I will gladly help anyone find the best drum gear.

*Links provided below are for reference to view and/or purchase cymbals and accessories from trusted online stores. Higher quality cymbals are made from bronze, such as Meinl MCS and Sabian B8X models listed. Lower quality cymbals are often made from brass, such as Meinl HCS series listed below, but still have overall decent sound. Please contact me for more information and potential deals on brands such as UFiP Cymbals Sabian Cymbals, and many other drum gear and accessories.

Links to some starter Cymbal Options (purchase separately or as cymbal pack):

Hi-Hat Cymbals

Crash Cymbals

Ride Cymbals


Cymbal Packs

Hi-Hat, Crash and Ride


Hi-Hat, Crash and Ride


Hi-Hat, Crash, Ride/Crash Pack


Purchase Items Below Direct from OCDrummer for Special Savings (Click for Info)

Cymbal Pack from UFiP

Hi-Hat, Crash, Ride


Drum Sticks


Isolation Headphones


Peace Drum Sets – Click Picture to see and hear video demo

Genesis – Beginner 5 piece drum set with hardware, throne and cymbals. Multiple Colors: Black, Fuchsia, Yellow


X4 – 4 piece drum set with hardware (cymbals sold separate). Multiple Sparkle Colors: Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Green


Adonis – 5 piece drums with hardware (cymbals sold separate). Multiple Colors Available




MichEal Rafter Plays and Endorses these Brands