MichEal Rafter is a drummer and educator from Orange County, California, available for live gigs, recording and drum lessons


MichEal Rafter has been playing drums and percussion since 1988. He has participated in various marching and concert bands, orchestras, church worship bands and rock/pop groups. MichEal has played drums and percussion on many recordings over his 20 plus years of music experience. He also plays guitar and has knowledge of other instruments. MichEal is an accomplished drummer, with a solid sense of time and intuition for what to play, and when not to play, knowing the value of the less is more concept.  MichEal is also skilled in drum programming and able to blend together acoustic and electronic drums/percussion both in the studio and on the stage.

MichEal especially enjoys the opportunity to share his passion and gift for music through teaching drum lessons to aspiring musicians in the Orange County area.


What others say about MichEal:

“I have had the pleasure of working with MichEal Rafter on more than one occasion, and as a leader of a band I can honestly say he is a dream to have on your team. He is extremely professional and always comes prepared. Not only is he sensitive to others around him but is very skilled at the drums. He is great at building up others and giving suggestions when playing with the band as well as educating those who are developing their skills.” (Nathan – Worship Leader)

“MichEal has a great sense of time, dynamics and feel” (Mike Johnston – mikeslessons.com)

“Being a professional musician and music instructor for over 28 years I know what to look for in a musician when it comes to professionalism, character and musicianship. Micheal’s impact on our band is unmeasurable, not only because the way we sound as a band, but also because of the way he was able to learn how to fit in our style and format (something that some drummers have a hard time doing).  He is very organized, therefore very reliable being “there” when he is scheduled to be. Micheal has a special gift to encourage and develop young students, speaking and playing at their level putting their needs first.” (Peter – Music Professor and Worship Leader)